Water Blasting Paint Production Pipes for Paint Waste Pit ERC Midwest

A Quick Turn-Around for a Big Clog

Client: Paint and Coatings Manufacturer

Issue: Clogged Pipes and an Overflowing Pit

Solution: Hi Vac Truck and 20K PSI Water Blaster

A Paint and Coatings manufacturing client needed a solution to a complex waste problem. As one of the fortunate companies whose business has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic, their production schedule was 24-7. As a result, normal preventive maintenance efforts had been pushed to the side to make the product its clients needed.

One morning, the client discovered that its paint waste pit had clogged and was overflowing causing a need for immediate action to pump out the pit and fix the clog.

We had been calling on this client for a year but hadn’t yet earned an opportunity to show how we could help. When the problem with the paint waste pit was discovered, the client knew that ERC Midwest had the capability to guide them to a solution to the problem and contacted us.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

With a few hours, we had a representative on site and a Hi Vacuum Sludge Pumping truck on the way. This problem would soon be solved. However, as we were cleaning the pit and fixing the clog, the client asked us about another, more complex problem.

A series of stainless-steel pipes used to vent their production system had built up residual paint and coatings waste that had nearly clogged the vent pipes completely. The material was completely dry and hard as rocks.

The client had a spare set of vent pipes but needed the clogged ones cleaned off site as they had no space available suitable for the work it would require.

“Can you help us?” was the question, again. “Of course,” was our answer.

Time was of the essence as the client needed the vent pipes cleaned and returned as quickly as possible and explained that they were used to a 2-week turn around with their current supplier.

Our Industrial Solutions team collaborated with the client about a better solution and a quicker turn-around time. That solution included transporting the vent pipes to our facility, cleaning them using a 20,000 PSI water blasting unit and returning them, looking shiny and new in only 3 days prompting the client to compliment our team for their work ethic and A+ work.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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