Oh Snap – We Forgot About the Lab!

Client: Regional Mfg. of Carbon & Graphite Products
Issue: Last Minute Chemical Lab Pack Needed
Solution: ERC Midwest Saves the Move

In ten days, our client, a regional manufacturer of Carbon and Graphite products, was consolidating their R&D operations into a single location. Despite their careful planning, they’d neglected one important thing, the need to properly package and dispose of the chemicals that they did not plan on moving. Once they realized their oversight, they called ERC Midwest in search of a solution.

Although their request came to us just before the Christmas Holiday, we didn’t miss a beat. It was the perfect kind of challenge for us. In no time flat, ERC Midwest assembled an inventory of the unwanted chemicals, profiled the material, mobilized an expert Lab Pack crew and completed the project in the time frame the client needed. Their move was a success!

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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