Potable Water Transportation for Underground Fuel Tank Installation in Chicago

Providing Ballast Water to Keep Diesel Fuel Tanks in Place

Client: New Truck Stop Fuel Tank System Installer

Issue: New Fuel Tanks Need to be Secured in Place During Construction

Solution: Weighing the Tanks Down With 100,000 Gallons of Clean Water

A new Truckstop under construction in the suburbs of Chicago had a tricky engineering problem. Multiple brand-new fuel tanks that would soon hold diesel fuel and gasoline needed to be installed. Although the tanks are strapped into concrete footings as part of the installation process, they remain susceptible to buoyancy issues until additional stone and concrete is placed on top of them, and that doesn’t happen immediately. In other words, the tanks can float or pop out of the ground easily during this crucial stage of construction in the event of a large rainfall or elevated groundwater levels.

As the fuel tank system installer already relies on ERC Midwest for vacuum tanker transportation, petroleum impacted water removal and wastewater treatment, ERC Midwest was top of mind with the plant manager when this need arose, and we got the call.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

The client needed us to source potable water, deliver it to the site and work as directed to unload the water into the empty fuel tanks to provide the ballast weight to hold them in place until construction finished.

You can see how we did that in this video.

Each one of these ballast water projects is different and comes with its own set of unique challenges. Sometimes, when the project is completed, the ballast water can be discharged into the local storm or sanitary sewer system in accordance with a specific temporary permit. Other times, it needs to be vacuumed from the tanks and transported for treatment. When that’s the case, ERC Midwest can collect and transport the wastewater to one of our centralized wastewater treatment facility [CWT] for proper treatment and recycling.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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