Overwhelmed by Recalled Product Campaign

Client: Global Medical Products Manufacturer
Issue: Significant Product Recall & Destruction Challenge
Solution: ERC Midwest Puts on its Logistics Management Hat

A global, medical products manufacturing client experienced a recall of three main products, resulting in the largest global recall in company history. It was a complex waste challenge to solve. The high volume of recalled product first had to be returned to the client’s facility for tracking verification before being managed for disposal. This process could not interfere with current production. In addition, the recalled product required destruction in a Waste to Energy facility. Finally, time was of the essence.

Managing the recall would require 4-6 truck-loads per day to be moved off-site. At the start, the client contracted with two vendors thinking that’s what was needed to ensure the project was completed on time. We worked with their operations and logistic staff to ensure an efficient process that did not require them to waste valuable management time overseeing our work. We laid out a schedule and worked with our partners to ensure that the recalled product shipped as scheduled, that destruction certificates were obtained and that the overall costs were as low as possible to deliver the required results.

As the project moved along, the client chose to consolidate the work with ERC Midwest after the second vendor struggled with their end of the demand.  Leveraging our industry network, we were able to quickly source the additional trucks and disposal slots needed, adding another two loads a day without slowing down. 

Ultimately, the product recall and destruction project lasted 5 months. Because of the partnership we established and the results we delivered, the client has relied on us ever since for additional product recall needs.  ERC Midwest also assists the client with all their complex waste challenges.

Product recalls are always challenging. When they happen, you can count on ERC Midwest to guide you through the process, deliver what we promise and meet your goals.

Another complex waste problem solved.  Happy Client!

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