A Converting Waste to Resource Victory

Client: Global Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Manufacturer
Issue: Mis-Labeled Product Required Disposal
Solution: ERC Midwest Delivers a 100% Recycling Option

Our global eco-friendly cleaning products manufacturer had a problem. Several truckloads of its liquid, consumer-packaged products had been mis-labeled and, as a result, could not be sold. The client wanted the product destroyed to ensure that it would not make its way into the market. Landfilling was not an option the client would consider and having the product burned in a Waste-To-Energy Facility was not optimal due to the cost and the amount of non-combustible liquid in the containers. Leveraging our extensive industry network, ERC Midwest provided what turned out to be the ideal solution for the client.

The product was transported to an ERC Midwest partner with the technology to de-package the product, capture the liquid and recycle 100% of the material, right down to the pallets and the shrink wrap, creating a huge sustainability win for our client.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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