Emergency Wastewater Treatment Pickup During Power Outage ERC Midwest

Quick Action Prevents A Lost Power Production Emergency

Client – International Food Manufacturer
Issue – A Power Outage Shuts Down the Wastewater Treatment Plant
Solution – An ERC Midwest Vacuum Solution Saves the Night

ERC Midwest received a 9PM call from an international food manufacturing client with a complex wastewater emergency. As a result of heavy rains, the client’s plant had experienced a power outage that shut down its wastewater treatment system. With the system down, the client’s wastewater holding tank capacity was quickly filling. If it became completely full, production would need to shut down, costing the client tens of thousands of dollars per hour in lost revenue.

The client could not risk the prospect of a production shutdown.

The ERC Midwest response team immediately went to work to identify and activate the vacuum trucks and drivers needed to address and solve this emergency situation. Using a combination of our own resources and those of our transportation partner network, we got trucks on the scene that night to remove the wastewater, tempering the immediate emergency and keeping the client’s production moving. While this was in motion, we also worked to help the client complete the required waste profiles and secure the wastewater treatment approvals and prepare the manifests needed to ship the wastewater off site for treatment & recycling.

Because the client could trust and rely on ERC Midwest to guide it through this emergency, its team’s focus could remain fully committed to restoring the plant’s power and keeping production up. The collaboration resulted in a big win for our client, especially given the difficult and uncertain circumstances.

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome!

Another complex waste issue solved. Happy Client!

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