Emergency Vacuum Tanker Trucks Transport Contaminated Wastwater

Emergency Vacuum Trucks Transport 35,000 Gallons of Contaminated Wastewater to Off Site Treatment

Client: Midwest Electrical and Natural Gas Utility

Issue: New Facility Steam Testing Generates Unexpected Contaminated Wastewater

Solution: Easter Sunday Emergency Vacuum Tankers for Wastewater Removal and Treatment

A regional Electric & Natural Gas utility was in the construction start-up phase of a new power plant in Wisconsin. That work included the need to perform hydrostatic steam testing on the facility’s piping and other systems. Performing the steam test generated a large volume of wastewater that would normally be treated onsite by the facility’s wastewater treatment system. However, this testing round produced a batch of contaminated wastewater that their facility could not handle and would need to be transported off site for proper treatment.

But that wasn’t the whole story. Timing was an issue as well. The steam test was happening on Easter weekend and the contaminated wastewater batch needed to be removed on Easter Sunday. ERC Midwest got the call on good Friday.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

Realizing that saying yes to this client’s request would require at least 2 of our experienced vacuum truck driver’s assistance, as well as staff at one of our centralized wastewater treatment (CWT) facilities, our operations team quickly put out a request to the team and found the willing volunteers necessary.

On Easter Sunday, the driver’s vacuumed 35,000 gallons of contaminated wastewater from the Utility’s wastewater holding tanks and safely transported the wastewater to our plant, helping keep their project on schedule.

At the plant, we tested the wastewater first to make sure it met the criteria for acceptance before unloading it into our treatment system. We then applied a proprietary chemical formulation to remove (aka precipitate) the contaminants from the utility’s wastewater, which is the same process we use to treat a wide range of industrial wastewater generated by manufacturers throughout the Midwest. Once that was completed, we tested the wastewater again to make sure that it met our permit requirements before discharging the treated wastewater to the city sewer system for further treatment in their system.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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