Desperate Need for a Long-Term Solution

Client: Global Automotive Supplier
Issue: Unwanted Wastewater Pickup Emergencies
Solution: ERC Midwest Takes Ownership

Our client, a Global Automotive Supplier, decided to move their machining operations from one place to another. They’d planned for everything, except one: where to store the increased volume of wastewater the new operations would produce.

As a result, they required frequent last-minute and small-volume emergency wastewater pick ups that put a strain on their people and the production. And while the solution seemed obvious – install more holding tank capacity – the client’s internal process was not making the obvious solution easy to implement.

No problem. We’ll take care of it.

In collaboration with the client’s team, ERC Midwest offered to purchase, install and pipe the additional tanks and construct a spill containment system as well.

Seven years later, the system we installed continues to serve the client’s needs, allowing them to focus on production rather than wastewater fire drills.

Another complex waste problem solved.  Happy Client!

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