Commingled Wastewaters Not Playing Together Nicely

Client – Third Generation Metal Finishing Company
Issue – Difficult Wastewater Causing Compliance Problems
Solution – ERC Midwest Makes the Situation Right

A third-generation metal finishing client had a wastewater challenge that it could not solve and reached out to ERC Midwest for guidance. The client’s situation was unique in that it was performing zinc, copper, nickel and other plating operations, each of which produced wastewater that varied from one operation to the other. The facility was designed to commingle all the wastewater prior to being introduced into its treatment system, which was not equipped to handle the varying levels of heavy metals and fats, oils and greases (FOG’s). As a result, the client was experiencing unwanted and unacceptable wastewater discharge violations.

The ERC Midwest team evaluated the client’s entire operation to help understand what was happening. We collected samples from the multiple plating operations, analyzed them in our own laboratory and identified the areas generating the most troublesome wastewater. We then guided the client toward a segregation strategy that would work with their operational and production requirements.

Ultimately, the client determined that it made more sense for their business to outsource the complex treatment of the wastewater to ERC Midwest due to the unique technologies and expertise built into our Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) facilities. As a result, the client can now focus its energy on making great products while depending on ERC Midwest to compliantly treat its wastewater.

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome!

Another complex waste issue solved. Happy Client!

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