Coatings Manufacturer Wastewater Discharge Crises

Client:   Chicagoland Specialty Coatings Manufacturer

Issue:   Too Much Wastewater

Solution:   Offsite Transportation & Treatment at our CWT

A Chicago-area specialty coatings manufacturer is the Hero in this Success Story.

The company has its own wastewater treatment facility. The system uses a dissolved air filtration unit [DAF]. The DAF removes fats, oil, and grease [FOG] from their wash water and concentrates it into a sludge. The treated water from the system goes into the sewer to be treated at the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Just like the water you use at home.

Unfortunately, the company’s property is connected to a small municipal wastewater treatment plant. As production ramped up, the increased volume of wastewater was more than the local treatment plant could handle.

The client had a choice. Decrease production and wastewater volumes or find an off-site disposal solution that could handle the wastewater it could not process due to the local treatment plant’s limitations.   

The problem was that the Specialty Coatings client needed a partner with the resources to manage its excess water production. They were referred to ERC Midwest because of our proven dependency for vacuum tanker transportation, wastewater treatment, sludge collection and disposal, and industrial cleaning solutions. Because of the credibility that came with the referral, the client wanted our assistance.

ERC Midwest Vacuum Tanker Trailer

Can you help us?” was the question.  “Of course,” was our answer.

We collaborated with the client to make sure we understood both their challenges and their goals. Once those were mutually established, we jumped into action to guide them to the solution they desired.   

A sample of the wastewater was tested in our lab. We analyzed the sludge for heavy metals, pH, treatability, and other parameters. It was determined that the water could be effectively processed, treated, and recycled at one or more of our Wisconsin-based licensed, centralized waste treatment facilities [CWT].

We provided the client with a guaranteed proposal and sustainable solution to provide vacuum tanker transportation and wastewater treatment for the non-hazardous wastewater. The client accepted the proposal. They now operate with no worries, regardless of their production and wastewater generation needs. When they call, we come. That keeps their customers and their local municipal wastewater treatment plant happy.  

You and solve your complex waste problems

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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