Episode #8 – What is Managed IT? Talking tech services with Dave Stamm

Some companies seem to have their finger on the technological pulse. They’ve always got up-to-date equipment that’s running smoothly with blistering network speeds on tap. They’re able to do their work quickly and efficiently with no IT-related hiccups along the way. For other companies, that’s not the story. They seem to lag behind a bit, and their tech can cause a headache more often than not. Why is that?

Businesses of many sizes across the board tend to underestimate the importance of a strong IT department. Many times, it’s the cost or effort involved with hiring an IT person, or even an entire team, to get the company up to speed. But what these companies may not realize is that there’s a great solution called Managed IT.

Managed IT is, more or less, the outsourcing of some or all of a company’s IT operations. For some businesses, this means hiring a managed IT firm to handle everything: purchasing and setting up computers and servers, training employees on equipment, strategizing for future technological growth, and more. For other businesses, managed IT functions as an expert guide, offering advice for big projects like cloud migration, server room design, and even IT hiring.

So, how does it all work? On this week’s podcast, we’re joined by Dave Stamm, CEO of Stamm Technologies, to talk about all things managed IT. His firm has been helping businesses of all sizes take on all types of projects for many years, and he’s seen a little bit of everything. He’s also a fantastic guy to work with — for proof, look no further than his first client, still with Stamm after 27 years.

With a mixture of retainer and project-based clients, he operates on both sides of the managed IT spectrum, always doing what’s right for the client and project at hand. Stamm Technologies works closely with their clients to figure out what the business needs, and implements strategies and solutions to get their hardware running seamlessly. Stamm also helps businesses with long-term goals, functioning as advisors to help clients thrive through services like IT strategy and vision building.

Tune in to this week’s episode, and you’ll also learn about Dave’s story, how Stamm Technologies and their clients are adapting to COVID, and what the technological future of the workplace might look like. We’ll also hear Dave’s opinion on the server vs. cloud debate, and you’re also sure to pick up a few tips to help streamline the IT experience in your workplace.

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