Episode#15 The Life Cycle of Wastewater. A modern guide to treating industrial wastewater with guest Zach Marlin

Episode #15’s guest is Zach Marlin. Zach is the Transportation & Treatment Group Director at ERC Midwest and the author of ERC Midwest’s Newest eBook titled “The Lifecycle of Wastewater”. In this episode, we talk about industrial wastewater treatment. Specifically, Zach will walk you through how ERC manages our client’s wastewater, a process that his book covers in great detail.

We cover all of the steps involved in the preparation, removal, treatment, and recycling of industrial wastewater.

Zach sheds light on the aqueous discard that results from substances having been dissolved or suspended in water, typically during the use of water in an industrial manufacturing process or the cleaning activities that take place along with that process.

Tune in to learn what happens after treatment. The treated industrial wastewater may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment which is a common misconception.

If you’d like a copy of The Lifecycle of Wastewater eBook, you can find it on our website at www.ercmidwest.com.

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