Episode #1 – Take to the airwaves: Podcasting as a tool for business

When most people think of podcasting, they see a form of entertainment and don’t immediately see a tool that can be used for business. But Richie Burke, Founder and CEO of GoGeddit Marketing and Media, has embraced audio as the next big consumable medium, building successful marketing strategies with podcasting as the cornerstone.

So, how does podcasting reduce waste for our company? Podcasting functions as a content machine that powers the rest of our marketing efforts. A single 30-minute episode can spark blog posts (like the one you’re reading now), Facebook and other social media video snippets, and even help establish media partnerships with local publications to get your brand in front of more people.

It’s always smart to go where your audience is spending time, and as audio content continues to grow in popularity, more people are embracing podcasts as an easy-to-consume form of entertainment. Unlike video content that requires the viewer’s full attention, podcasts are a passive medium that can be enjoyed while driving, cooking, cleaning, and even working out.

Because of audio’s convenient nature, people listen to over 80% of an episode’s content, compared to Facebook video’s average of 4%. That’s why Richie considers a podcast’s number of downloads to be a “vanity metric.”

“You don’t need a lot of downloads to have a successful podcast for your business,” Burke says. Podcasts are about people reaching out, generating warm leads, and networking with people that are interested in your business.

Many companies like ERC often think that if we don’t have a tangible product in the marketplace, we don’t have a brand. But, as Richie discusses, “A brand is just how people perceive you.” Podcasts can really help with that brand perception, especially when you’re a B2B company. It can help shape your company as a thought leader in your industry, and customers will perceive you as the expert.

On this inaugural episode of Working Without Waste, host Mike Malatesta talks with Richie about using podcasting as a content machine. They’ll dive into why ERC Midwest decided to embrace the medium, why podcasting is a good play for many businesses, and why audio is an efficient medium to create content and convey your message.

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