Episode #9 – Reimagining Virtual Reality: Steve Grubbs, CTO + Co-Founder of Chalkbites

Most of us are probably familiar with virtual reality in one way, shape, or form. This quickly developing tech sector is widespread in the video game, movie, and software industries.

Since then, many users have been whisked away to virtual lands far and wide — but one company is here to embrace the more practical, lesser-explored side of virtual reality: VR training. Today, we’ll sit down with Steve Grubbs, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Chalkbites, a VR training company that’s here to change the way we learn in the workplace.

Traditionally, when people are trained at work, things go like this: an instructor shows up with a presentation and materials, employees fill out worksheets during lectures, and a test is given at the end. Is it effective? Well, sort of… But there’s a better way.

According to recent studies, people retain information 4x better when training is done in virtual reality. It’s an immersive, safer kind of training that’s perfect for teaching skills that can be dangerous to jump straight into. Think of it as the perfect bridge between classroom learning and real-world application. VR training is, essentially, the equivalent of a flight simulator for a pilot. That means forklift drivers are set to encounter less turbulence.

The training works in much more than just warehouse applications, too — fire safety, defibrillators, and even HR applications are already rolled out and doing well. The programs’ efficacy comes from Chalkbites’ model, which features subject matter experts (SMEs) for each class. The company fully vets each SME, requiring they have at least 10 years of experience in their field of expertise.

In the future, the data produced by these VR training methods will be valuable to employers and insurance companies alike, allowing easier ways to track which employees are up to date on important safety protocols and new skills.

No doubt, virtual reality has tons of uses we haven’t thought of yet, and Chalkbites is truly onto something. Helping companies stay at the forefront while reducing waste in everyone’s workweek through efficient virtual reality learning. Pretty neat stuff, if you ask us. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode — VR really is fascinating.

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