Episode #4 – Creating value by Selling Hazardous Waste Solutions

A lot of folks are intimidated when they think of selling. You might know your product like the back of your hand, believe in it fully, and trust it to the ends of the Earth — but when you go to pitch that product, you find yourself getting cold feet. Why is that?

Well, in short, people aren’t buying your product; they’re buying you. Sales is all about relationships, and this episode’s guest, Dean Nardi, knows a thing or two about them. His sales expertise has helped him gain a fantastic position as Executive Vice President of Business Relations at Tradebed Environment Services.

Dean is a tremendous individual to work with, and today, we get to pick his sales brain a bit. We’ll hear about his approach to educating clients, dig into his beliefs about selling and interpersonal relationships, and even divulge a few secrets about the future of the waste industry and its technologies.

Enjoy! You’re sure to learn a thing or two from this one.

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