Urgent Product Disposal Need Threatens Plant Shut Down

Client: Global Healthcare Product Manufacturer
Issue: Recalled Product Causes Storage Nightmare for Manufacturer
Solution: ERC Midwest Develops and Executes a Successful Plan

A Chicago-based global manufacturer of healthcare products had been through two difficult years of dealing with a global recall with a vendor that left their final products unusable. Finally, after two years of litigation, the raw materials that had been stored in specialized metal totes were approved for disposal. But to further complicate matters, the client had run into a processing error that created too much of a similar product and had no place to put it. They needed their specialized totes empty immediately so they could be used to hold this new product.

ERC Midwest received the urgent call and immediately sprang into action, and within 3 hours of the request had a vacuum tanker onsite to address the immediate concern of a facility shutdown. But they weren’t out of the woods yet. A Hi-Vac tanker was needed to remove residual, thick liquid from the totes, a job the vacuum tanker could not handle. And Hi-Vacs were tough to find during this busy industrial cleaning season.

Fortunately, ERC’s vast network of partners and equipment came through, and we had two Hi-Vacs on site the following morning, a Saturday, which enabled the client to maintain production through the weekend. More Hi-Vacs arrived on Monday and Tuesday until the off-spec product was gone, the new product was stored in its newly-pumped totes and the problem was resolved.

We were proud to get the call, guide our client to a successful outcome and make them a hero to their company and customers.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client.

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