Making Space by Eliminating Waste

Client:           Regional Chemical Distributor

Issue:            Excess Inventory Storage Clogs Warehouse Space

Solution:      A Packaging, Disposal and Free-Up Floor Space Collaboration

A Regional Chemical Distribution client needed a solution to a complex waste problem. After years of accumulating excess inventory, the client’s warehouse was running low on space. They’d determined that they needed a new training area for their employees but had no place to put it, or so they thought. 

Because ERC Midwest had been helping this client solve a variety of complex waste problems for years, they contacted us to help guide them to a solution. 

“Can you help us?” was the question.  “Of course,” was our answer.

A few days later, we had our first on-site collaboration about how to best solve this problem. Our hazardous waste experts and project managers talked over several options with the client’s management. Ultimately, they asked us to guide them toward an inventory reduction solution that would create a space into which the new training area could be constructed.

The first step of the plan required that we work together to identify the chemical containers and create a disposal inventory. Next, we determined which chemicals could be safely consolidated on site and completed the waste profiles. Finally, our team of guides assembled on site and donned the appropriate personal protective equipment [PPE] to execute the solution.

By the end of the day, all the client’s excess chemical inventory had been labeled, consolidated and loaded on 2 van body trucks for transport to the disposal site, accompanied by the required manifests and land ban forms. 

The project had initially been expected to require 3 trucks, but the team’s consolidation efforts significantly reduced the number of containers that needed to be shipped off-site, creating a huge win for the client. On top of that, the investment required to execute the solution turned out to be 20% less than what was anticipated, and the freed-up space turned out to be perfect for the client’s new training room.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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