Tanker Trailer Tank Cleaning and Washout Between Loads ERC Midwest

Solving a 150,000 Gallon Wastewater Disposal Challenge

Client: Commercial Chemical Tank Truck Washing Facility

Issue: New Acquisition Comes with a Large Volume of Untreated, Residual Wastewater

Solution: A Coordinated Off-Site Transportation & Waste Treatment Plan

A long-term ERC Midwest client called us with a referral to a trucking company colleague with a need to solve a complex waste problem.

The trucking company specializes in transporting a wide range of liquid chemicals in specialized tank trailers. The tank trailers are required to be cleaned and washed out between loads to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination between two different chemicals or products.

Because the cleaning process is expensive and time consuming for the trucking company, it moved forward with an opportunity to acquire an existing commercial tank wash facility in an effort to better manage the expense and time involved with its cleaning requirements.

The problem was that the facility’s existing wastewater treatment system was no longer operational and required a significant financial and time investment. In addition, the client discovered an inventory of residual and untreated wastewater on the site. Finally, the client wanted to use the facility while it was making the necessary upgrades and, as such, needed an interim plan to manage the wastewater from its operations.

Our long-term client referred ERC Midwest for this project because of our proven dependency for vacuum tanker transportation, wastewater treatment, sludge collection and disposal and industrial cleaning solutions. Because of the credibility that came with the referral, the trucking company client wanted our assistance.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

After collaborating with the client to make sure we understood the challenges and the goals, we jumped into action.

The first step involved:

  1. sampling the range of different wastewaters stored on the site
  2. performing a treatability study on each wastewater stream
  3. testing to ensure that the wastewater was not a hazardous waste (which had been a potential concern).

Next, we provided the client with:

  1. a comprehensive plan that included an estimate of the required investment to solve the problem
  2. as well as an explanation of the necessary scheduling and logistics.

Finally, we executed a solution that achieved our client’s goals, providing vacuum tankers to collect and transport the non-hazardous wastewater to Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities for proper treatment and recycling.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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