“What Do You Mean, You Can’t Make It?”

Client: Global Food Ingredient Producers
Issue: No Show Contractor Shuts Down Plant
Solution: ERC Midwest’s Flexibility Saves the Day

A Global Food Ingredient Producer called in a panic. They’d contracted with another vendor to remove 11,000 gallons of wheat and hull sludge from two storage tanks. The tanks would then be cleaned by the plant’s personnel on a tight timeframe so they could get back in use as production could be impacted by the process.

Trouble was, the other contractor bailed on the job that day. Needing a quick Plan B they had not anticipated, ERC Midwest was given their problem to solve.

Challenge Accepted.

The ERC Midwest team quickly collaborated, massaged our schedule, freed up the necessary personnel and equipment, arrived on site and had the project complete by 5 p.m. The client’s team completed their cleaning work, and the plant was back in production within the scheduled timeframe.

Another complex waste problem solved.  Happy Client!

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