Steel Processor finds Itself in a Pickle

Client: Regional Value-Added Steel Processor
Issue: Acid Solids Settled in Transporter’s Tank Trailer
Solution: ERC Midwest Confined Space Saves the Day (and the acid)

A Chicago-based, value-added, steel processor shipped a load of acid pickle solution for recycling. The shipment went smoothly, and the majority of the acid was safely unloaded as planned. However, the combination of low temperatures and the distance to the recycling facility combined to force a significant heel of acid solids to fall out of solution and remain in the transporter’s tank trailer. That was a problem for our client, and ERC Midwest got the call.

The transporter wanted its tanker cleaned and was charging fees to our client. We quickly mobilized our Industrial Solutions team to coordinate the careful planning needed to execute the tanker clean out, which was complicated by the unique fiberglass reinforced plastic composition of the trailer. On top of that, we suggested to the client that we could recover the acid solids we removed from the tanker, as those had value to our client.

Start to finish, ERC Midwest completed the project in 4 hours, the outcome of which was the transporter having a super clean tanker and our steel processing client re-using the valuable acid solids. With the problem remedied, everyone was able to get back to work.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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