Leaking Acid Tanks Stop Production

Client: Aerospace Component Manufacturer
Issue: Leaking Chemical Dip Tanks
Solution: ERC Midwest Turn-Keys a Rapid Response

A Wisconsin based manufacturer of precision, high pressure oil lines for NASA discovered that their chemical dip tanks were compromised, causing highly concentrated acid to leak onto and deteriorate the concrete floor beneath the tanks. The situation presented a dangerous and complex situation. Not only were the client’s employees in potential danger from the chemical exposure, but production had to be curtailed as well until the issue was addressed. The client needed a solution and called ERC Midwest.

ERC Midwest addressed the immediate issue by transferring the acid from the leaking tank to another suitable holding tank. Next, the compromised tanks were cleaned, neutralized, cut into small pieces and removed for disposal. And finally, using a 20k PSI water blaster, ERC Midwest removed 2” of damaged concrete from the floor so that an undamaged base was available onto which a new concrete cap could be poured. Three days later, new dip tanks were installed, and the client was back in production, and compliance.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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