Contaminated Petroleum Tanker Truck Clean Out

Client: Nationwide Petroleum Products Re-Processor
Issue: Contaminated Tanker Truck
Solution: Emergency Clean Out Execution

A nationwide petroleum products re-processor had a load of valuable product scheduled for pick up when they determined that their tanker truck was not clean enough to do the job. They could not take a chance on contaminating the product, so they called ERC Midwest in a panic.

“Can you help us?” they asked. “Of course,” was our reply.

Within hours, the client had delivered their tanker to our facility and, while the driver waited, the highly trained ERC Midwest confined space entry crew assessed the tanker’s condition and went to work cleaning and drying the tanker.

Two hours later, with a certified clean tanker, the client’s driver was headed to make the important product pick up. Not only that, but the solids and wastewater from the clean out were collected and processed through ERC Midwest’s own centralized wastewater treatment (CWT) system. ERC Midwest delivered a turn key solution that helped our client deliver on a promise and protect their product.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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