All Carbon is Not Created Equal

Client – Global Organic Chemical Manufacturer
Issue – A Carbon Swap Hits a Costly Snag
Solution – ERC Midwest Designs a Plan That Saves Thousands

A global organic chemical manufacturer, and long-time ERC Midwest client, had a carbon problem that required an immediate solution.  They’d hired a specialty contractor to replace and dispose of spent carbon from one of their pollution control scrubbers.  That contractor had promised our client a turn-key solution that included the disposal of the spent carbon for $5,000.  

Being aware of the nature of the carbon’s use in client’s operations, and working with them as a trusted guide, ERC Midwest suggested that the client perform a lab analysis on a sample of the carbon to confirm the pollutant contaminants. The subsequent results identified the carbon was a Hazardous Waste.

The carbon contractor raised its proposal for disposal from $5,000 to $25,000, a 5X increase. ERC Midwest was asked to find a more cost effective & environmentally friendly way to dispose of the carbon.

We stepped into action and quickly received a unique and specialized approval from our Cement Kiln partner to process and destroy the carbon. On behalf of our client, we also completed the required documentation, received the necessary approval, arranged for scheduling and transportation and delivered the carbon safely to the disposal facility. 

And best of all, our unique solution to this complex waste problem saved our client $17,500.

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome!

Another complex waste issue solved.  Happy Client!

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