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A Recycling Solution for a Hazardous Situation

Client – Global Innovative Consumer Packaging Manufacturer
Issue – Contaminated Hazardous Waste Containers
Solution – ERC Midwest Scrapes Together a Plan

A global innovative consumer packaging (CPG) manufacturer generated 67 partially filled product drums that it needed to ship off site as a hazardous waste.

Or so it thought.

Although the drums contained a thick, waxy-like material, the ERC Midwest team saw an opportunity to guide the client to a less expensive and more environmentally sound solution. Using a combination of technical expertise, unique equipment and good old-fashioned hard work, ERC’s team consolidated the 67 drums of material into only 7 drums that would need to be shipped off-site for disposal. As an added bonus, the 60 now-empty drums were clean enough to be sent to a facility for recycling.

The client was rewarded with three wins; Reduced Costs, Less Waste and More Recycling.

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome.

Another complex waste issue solved. Happy Client.

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