ERC Midwest Cleans Up Coconut Pie Filling Explosion

A Food Ingredient Plan Heats Up Too Early

Client – Global Food Importer
Issue – Failed Tote Bags Create a Sticky Emergency
Solution – ERC Midwest Executes a Carefully Baked Plan

A global food importer called with a sticky problem. They’d imported dozens of large food grade tote bags of coconut pie filling and stored them in a rented, non-climate-controlled warehouse. As the summer temperatures heated up, so did the warehouse, where the temperature climbed to over 100 degrees.

Soon, the seams on the specialized tote bags began to fail and thousands of gallons of coconut pie filling exploded into the warehouse creating a huge problem for our client. It looked like the aftermath of a huge pie eating contest.

Within 2 hours, ERC Midwest IS Crew was on the scene to assess the situation and execute a cleanup plan.

First, the team vacuumed up the mess and power washed the warehouse and shipping docks until they sparkled like new.

Step one complete.

Then it got more challenging.

Next, our client believed that the tote containers were defective and wanted ERC to preserve them as evidence for a potential insurance claim against the manufacturer. To ensure that the tote bags were preserved in their failed condition, the ERC team hand rolled each of them, squeezing out what remained of the pie filling product for disposal. Not an easy request, particularly under the circumstances. The team then packed up the now empty tote bags at the client’s request and sent them directly to the manufacturer.

After 16 hours, the project was complete. Since this initial response, ERC Midwest has responded to 2 additional incidents while also guiding the client to a climate-controlled space for their product, which appears to have rectified the problem.

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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