9 Food Ingredient Tanks Cleaning and Ready for New Assignment. Chocolate Tank.

Helping a Food Ingredient Manufacturer Re-Engineer Production

Client: Food Ingredient Manufacturer

Issue: Re-Engineering Production Requires Tank Cleaning

Solution: 9 Tanks Cleaned and Ready for a New Assignment

A Wisconsin based food ingredient manufacturer needed to re-engineer its process to accommodate new business that would soon be coming and needed an industrial cleaning solution. The project was tricky because it required the cleaning of process tanks along with the demolition and removal of obsolete tanks, all while maintaining its first shift production schedules. This meant that the work needed to be done in the evening and over the weekend.

As the plant already relies on ERC Midwest for vacuum tanker transportation, wastewater treatment, land application, composting and solid waste container processing, ERC Midwest was top of mind with the plant manager when this need arose, and we got the call.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

The client needed us to clean 9 tanks, all of which had been used to store various food ingredient products. As often happens, the project began with a surprise as one of the tanks that was supposed to be empty still contained 1000 gallons of a chocolate-like material that had to be re-heated so it could be pumped. ERC Midwest switched gears, adding a vacuum tanker to the project to remove the chocolate and recycle it through a composting process, as the client maintains a NO-Landfill policy. Once that was complete, the second surprise hit when the order in which the tanks needed to be cleaned changed as well. No problem. After all, being flexible is what we’re all about.

With the surprises handled and out of the way, the ERC Midwest team worked methodically through the cleaning of the rest of the tanks, all of which required the use of steam pressure washers and safe, well-orchestrated confined space entries. The rinse water was collected and transported to our centralized wastewater treatment facility [CWT] for proper treatment and recycling.

Today, now that their tanks are clean and ready for a new product adventure, the client is hard at work on the plumbing and other details needed to complete their re-engineering project.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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