We’re Drowning in Totes!

Client – Regional Chemical Manufacturer
Issue –
Unmanaged Waste and Raw Material Accumulation
Solution –
ERC Midwest Efficiently Disperses the Accumulation

A regional Chemical and Distribution Client found themselves with a large volume of old expired products and un-usable raw materials. They had amassed a collection of nearly 500 totes and needed all of them removed in a short time frame to execute a facility and equipment expansion plan that the tote accumulation would impede.

The challenge was that the waste and raw materials had been accumulated over many years. The Client believed that there were more than 30 different products and materials in the collection of totes. But no one knew for sure. The Client could only be certain about the waste and materials contained in about half the totes.

The Client called ERC Midwest, worried about how to manage such a large waste removal project and meet their expansion time frame goals. They understood the complexity and knew that ERC Midwest’s expertise would help them develop a strategy to meet their goals. ERC Midwest acted quickly, evaluating the situation and creating a program that resulted in the rapid removal of the “known” wastes, along with the careful identification of the unknowns and a plan for the many damaged totes.

Managing the project on site, ERC Midwest first organized the site around the Client’s production and expansion activities. We then activated and engaged our extensive transportation, disposal and laboratory partner network. We helped the Client identify the unknown items first, while we simultaneously scheduled and managed the removal more than half of the waste and raw material volume in the first two weeks, using a combination or vacuum tanker trucks and van trailers as appropriate.

ERC Midwest’s daily on-site management was critically important to coordinate the complex logistics and ensure compliance. Our daily presence kept everyone informed and kept the project moving. ERC Midwest assisted the truck drivers, generated and tracked the necessary documentation. We handled all of the project headaches, as the Client had plenty of their own to handle with the plant expansion.

ERC Midwest completed the project on time and under budget. They knew they’d made the right choice with ERC Midwest.

Another complex waste problem solved.  Happy Client!

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