Opportunity in a Blocked Gate

Client – Fortune 500 Technology Equipment Manufacturer
Issue –
Recycling Solution Threatened by Labor Disruption
Solution –
ERC Midwest Executes “Real Time” Innovation

Our client approached ERC Midwest in search of a recycling solution for their empty containers. They’d been having their empty containers shredded and landfilled, but that practice no longer aligned with their sustainability goals. Leveraging our experience and strategic partner network, ERC Midwest was able to find a recycling value for the client’s used 55-gal metal and poly drums.

Having accepted ERC Midwest’s proposal, the work was scheduled. On any other day, it would have been a normal pickup. However, on this day, the client was dealing with a union strike and our driver was being blocked at the entry gate. It would have been simple to turn the truck around and re-schedule the pickup. But doing so would have created another headache for our client and things like headaches are what they count on ERC Midwest to prevent.

After some quick thinking, and unique collaboration, between us and our client, an innovative solution was hatched. Working together, a client employee and an ERC Midwest Resource Advisor navigated the truck past the blocked entry and handed loaded the client’s 300+ empty containers into the trailer. Together, we succeeded in getting the truck loaded and on its way, leaving behind a solution and a “headache less” client who, by the way, was thrilled.

The lesson. It’s easy to look good when things go well. Anyone can do that. It’s what happens when things go bad, and how we respond, that makes ERC Midwest special. We may have ruined some clothes that day, but we did what we had to do.

Another complex waste problem solved.  Happy Client!

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