A Mother’s Day Innovation

Client – Fortune 500 Chemical Manufacturer
Issue –
Ruptured Wastewater Discharge Pipe
Solution –
ERC Midwest Creates a Diversion

ERC Midwest received a frantic call at 8PM on Mother’s Day from the Plant Engineer with a major problem. His plant’s wastewater discharge line had ruptured. The line handles 700 gallons per minute. Water was everywhere and backing up into the plant. Within 8 hours, his process area would be flooded, and production would be completely shut down. Every hour of lost production meant tens of thousands of lost revenues for the Client. The Plant Manager called ERC Midwest because he always depended on us, not just to handle the day to day, but also to make miracles happen.

The Client needed a miracle…..and the clock was ticking.

ERC Midwest went into action. Because of our familiarity with the Client’s facility, we were able to collaborate with the Plant Engineer to identify a 250k gallon EQ tank, into which we could pump and hold the process wastewater temporarily, to keep the plant running. We then secured and mobilized a large, diesel powered transfer pump, as well as 800’ of transfer piping, and began pumping the water into the EQ tank. At 2 AM, only 4 hours later, the equipment and teams we assembled began pumping the water and by 4 AM, just 6 hours from the initial call, the wastewater was drained, allowing the plant to continue to operate at normal condition.

With the immediate Emergency managed, ERC Midwest then recommend a longer-term solution. Using the plants own pump network, and installing an 8” Bauer pipe, ERC Midwest quickly eliminated the expense of the rented pump and transfer piping, saving thousands for the Client. The Bauer piping remains in place today, as the Client makes plans for a long-term solution to replace the aging and ruptured wastewater discharge pipe.

Another complex waste problem solved! Happy Client!

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