COVID-19 Decontamination and Disinfection Services for Workplace ERC Midwest

Positive COVID-19 Test Causes Emergency Decontamination Service Need

Client – Global Security Company
Issue – Potentially Infected Shop and Cafeteria Areas
Solution – Next Day Emergency Decontamination Performed

ERC Midwest received a call on a Friday afternoon from a global security company that had become aware of a positive COVID-19 test in its workforce community. Its leadership determined that a thorough decontamination of its potentially infected areas made practical and peace of mind sense. And it wanted that decontamination done the following Saturday morning.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course” was our answer.

The area included a small production area, a cafeteria and a bathroom. Four ERC Midwest specially trained, and properly equipped, Coronavirus and Hazardous Material technicians proceeded to execute its proven two-step decontamination process.

In Step 1, the technicians hand wiped and disinfected all high touch surfaces in the area to remove organic contamination and kill the virus.

In Step 2, the technicians applied an atomized disinfectant solution using electrostatic fogging units. This application process causes the disinfectant to evenly coat and penetrate all of the surfaces in the potentially infected area, enveloping and killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while drying completely and leaving no discernible residue on the surfaces.

In 3 hours, ERC Midwest had decontaminated the @5000 sf area that had been potentially infected.This gave the client the peace of mind they needed to feel safe allowing their employees to use the space once again.

Another Complex Waste Problem Solved. Happy Client!

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