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Managing the Disposal of Debris Contaminated Soil

Client: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Issue: Contaminated Soil Project Scope Grows Significantly & Unexpectedly.

Solution: An 80x Scale Up Collaboration Success

A Pharmaceutical manufacturing client needed a solution to a complex waste problem. Over the years, the client had accumulated a stockpile of soil from general cleanup activities that had been stockpiled in a field adjacent to their manufacturing facility. A new plan to construct an area to stage a set of large electrical transformers required the client to remove and dispose of the soil.

Because the client already counted on ERC Midwest for industrial cleaning and hazardous waste transportation and disposal solutions, ERCM was top of mind with the plant manager when this need arose, and we got the call.

“Can you help us?” was the question. “Of course,” was our answer.

The project and the client’s need were straightforward.

Until it wasn’t.

What we both thought would be a one-day event, during which 5 roll off containers would be loaded with the stockpiled dirt and hauled away for disposal, at a licensed landfill, changed significantly once the backhoe dug its first bucket of dirt and brought with it a collection of debris that no one was expecting.

This discovery prompted an immediate conversation and collaboration with the client about how to address this situation, which had now become more complex, serious and costly due to this unforeseen issue. The bottom line was that the discovery appeared to be a long-abandoned dumping ground for waste and debris generated by the client’s operations decades earlier.

This collaboration led the client to instruct us to move forward with a scope of exploratory digging with a goal to identify the debris site boundaries, amend the excavation and disposal plan and update the investment that would now be necessary to solve their complex problem.

The project’s scale grew in volume by 80%, from its initial scope of removing the soil in 5 x 20-yard roll-off boxes to an expanded scope that would require 400 x 27-yard dump trailers.

With the client’s approval for the expanded scope in place, ERC Midwest sprung into action, providing the proper equipment and operators to remove the unwanted material efficiently and effectively. This activity required significant project management coordination, adjustments related to significant rain and snow events that occurred and managing neighboring business relations to complete the project.

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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