ERC Midwest Chemical Tank Cleanout for Recertification

A Well Planned Project Changes With a Punch in The Face

Client – Global Chemical Manufacturer
Issue – Flammable, Corrosive & Toxic Chemical Tank Requires Cleaning for Recertification
Solution – ERC Midwest Rolls With the Punch and Delivers a VOC Knockout

A global chemical manufacturing client needed an important process tank cleaned, repaired and recertified so that it could be put back in use. Because the tank contained a chemical that is flammable, corrosive and toxic, the project plan was detailed, precise and well collaborated. There could be no vapors, no releases nor any human exposure to the chemical.

The work was scheduled to start on a Monday night. The client’s job was to empty the chemical from the tank. ERC Midwest was on tap next to clean and decontaminate the tank using a 20k water blaster and a 3D spinner. Finally, a series of specialized tank experts would make the necessary repairs and re-certify the tank.

The first punch to the face, and the need for an emergency change to the plan, came on the Sunday before the work was set to start when ERC Midwest received an urgent call from the client saying they were unable to empty the tank of the 30,000 gallons of the remaining chemical it held.

Despite this significant oversight, the client insisted that the project had to proceed as planned to meet their production requirements.

Almost as if it had been planned, ERC Midwest mobilized 6 specially equipped tank trailer to the site and transferred the chemical into the tankers. When that was completed, the original plan was re-activated, and the cleaning process was started.

That’s when the second punch came.

Although the tank was washed thoroughly, the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels remained stubbornly high. In need of a solution to knock down the VOC’s, ERC Midwest crews introduced a specialty chemical using a diaphragm pump, created an ingenious negative air ventilation system and continued the wash down process. All fumes were captured and directed to the client’s in-house carbon air scrubber system.

Eventually, the VOC levels were reduced to zero, making it safe to open the tank for the final stage of the repair and inspection process. And despite the 2 punches to the face of the original plan, the project was completed on time!

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome!

Another complex waste issue solved. Happy Client!

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