A semi tractor with a vacuum tanker trailer.Rolls of Steel.A hand with finger pressing Emergency Production shutdown button.Productions Acid Tanks for steel manufacturing.

Snowmelt, Hazardous Wastewater, and a Production Shutdown.

Client: Illinois Steel Fabricator & Wire Manufacturer

Issue: Snowmelt Runoff Contaminates Production Tanks 

Solution: A Dependable Partner – ERC Midwest’s Rapid Response Team  

Melting snow shutdown production lines at large steel conversion plant – they needed real expedited help.

 ERC Midwest received an early morning call from a client,  snow-melt runoff was unexpectedly running into a mission-critical acid tank. Mother Nature knows how to cause trouble; March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The client shut down the production line and pumped acid, used in production, to an adjoining tank; they rinsed out the large pit/tank and started collecting the wastewater. The client anticipated there would be about 3000 gallons but quickly found the amount was 3 times the original estimate.

They knew they needed a team that can immediately execute solutions – like all production lines, they had to restart ASAP.

They called  ERC Midwest…Why?

  • Our proven dependency in rapid response
  • Our expert execution in
  • vacuum tanker transportation
  • wastewater treatment
  • sludge collection and disposal
  • industrial cleaning solutions.

ERC Midwest worked to divert 2 Vacuum tankers from non-critical service to the client’s production site. Within 30 minutes of arriving, ERC’s Rapid Response Team quickly profiled and approved the contaminated material into one of our Centralized Waste Treatment [CWT] facilities. The team vacuumed nearly 10,000 gallons of hazardous water and acid mix and the client re-started production that evening.

The Rapid Response Team at ERC Midwest saved this client significant production losses by maximizing resource efficiencies and expertly deploying exactly the right solution.

When it matters most – you need the dependable, responsible experts at ERC Midwest. We’re ready to handle any complex waste problem (and simple ones too!)

We were proud to be the guide that helped this client achieve its goals.

Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client!

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