Neutralizing a Caustic Situation

Client – Large Regional Foam Manufacturer
Issue – Used Foam Mold Cleaning Solution Needs a New Home
Solution – ERC Midwest Brokers a Waste to Resource Win-Win

A large foam manufacturer generated a truckload of totes filled with a sodium hydroxide solution it had used to clean forming molds and asked ERC Midwest to find a disposal solution.  Disposing of the solution as a hazardous waste would have cost the client more than $13,000 and change their generator status from small quantity to large quantity.  Neither was an ideal outcome for the client.

Although the solution wasn’t adequate for re-use in our client’s operation, we recognized that it might still have value to another manufacturer as it maintained its pH strength at 13.2 units and was free of solids.  Leveraging our extensive chemical industry partner network, ERC Midwest identified several options that could use the solution beneficially in their process.  The client made a selection and we made the arrangements to properly complete the shipping papers, arrange the transportation and deliver the product to its new owner. 

The end result was that we helped guide our client to a recycling option that provided a joint benefit to our client and to the new end user of the solution.  Each saved thousands of dollars, and our client maintained its status as a small quantity hazardous waste generator.  

We were proud to guide our client to a successful outcome. 

Another complex waste issue solved.  Happy Client. 

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