Be the Difference.

At ERC Midwest LLC, we believe everyone can be the difference – working together to help our clients solve complex waste problems. Focused on delivering great experiences to create “Happy Clients”, we get to know our clients’ businesses and specific waste-related problems so we can engineer and implement custom solutions that not only treat or remove waste, but help our clients permanently reduce, manage or monetize it as well.

For us, this process of actively listening, creating solutions tailored to client waste challenges and tackling those problems safely and efficiently isn’t just about eliminating waste materials, it’s about guiding our clients through waste challenges to improve their bottom line. It’s about persistence and relentlessness. Not all waste solutions are equal. Some do more than others to save money or improve the environment. Our promise to clients is that we won’t stop until we’ve found the right solution for our clients’ objectives.

We believe our entire client team including professional truck drivers, senior resource advisors, client specialists, industrial services experts, wastewater treatment plant professionals, and professional office members all have an impact on delivering great client experiences.

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