A Yeast of a Problem Requires an Innovative Solution

Client – Craft Brewing Division of Global Beverage Manufacturer
Issue – Spent Yeast Disposal Creates Production Glitch
Solution – ERC Midwest Coordinates a Win-Win Partnership

A Chicago based Craft Brewery was growing quickly and with their growth in production came similar growth in their Yeast waste. Historically, the waste yeast had been disposed of down the sewer and the brewery would be assessed a surcharge. As the waste volume increased, however, the option of disposing of the waste in the sewer went away because the high strength nature of the waste was more than the municipality was willing to accept. In need of an immediate and sustainable new yeast disposal option, the client contacted ERC Midwest for ideas.

Using our vast combination of food and beverage industry and relationships, ERC Midwest quickly put together an unconventional solution. Working with the local municipality, who did not want the waste in its sewer system, but could use beneficially use the yeast waste at their plant, we connected the dots and created a win-win plan whereby ERC would use our transportation fleet to pick up the yeast waste from the brewer and transport it directly to the local municipality where it would be added to their waste digestion process, enhancing the plant’s gas production capabilities. The resulting increase in gas production helped the plant offset its costs and generate more power at less cost. As importantly, the solutions provided our client a local, sustainable and affordable way to recycle their yeast waste while continuing to grow their business.

We were proud to get the call and guide our client to a successful outcome.
Another complex waste problem solved. Happy Client.

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