At ERC Midwest, we help companies solve complex waste problems by transforming waste from an obstacle into an opportunity to reduce your environmental footprint, increase your bottom line and unlock new sources of revenue by turning your waste into a sellable asset. 

Our team of experts get to know your business and its waste-related problems so we can engineer and implement solutions that not only treat or remove waste, but help you permanently reduce, manage or monetize it as well. We actively listen, we create custom solutions and then we tackle your specific issues by implementing those solutions safely and efficiently. For us, this process isn’t just about eliminating waste materials, it’s about guiding you through your waste challenges to improve your business. That’s why if we don’t deliver on our promises, we don’t charge you. 

 As the Midwest’s leading waste management providers, ERC Midwest brings experience in nearly every major industry across a range of capabilities, from wastewater treatment and hazardous waste handling to industrial cleaning & confined space entry to chemical reutilization and fuels blending to product destruction and waste transportation to chemical & laboratory waste packaging to brokering the sale of waste materials. 

We help you solve your complex waste problems, delivering the solutions and results you need to ensure your waste doesn’t slow you down.