5 Tips for COVID-19 Decontamination

5 Key Planning Tips for Decontaminating and Disinfecting COVID-19 in your Facility

You might be an essential business or maybe you are planning a phased employee return to work program. ERC Midwest will help guide you through proper Coronavirus COVID-19 decontamination and disinfection at your facility. We’ve already helped many clients with on-site, workplace COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting. We know what it takes to kill the COVID-19 virus and we’ll help you accomplish your goals to keep production online and provide peace of mind to employees returning to work.

1. Have a “Who” Plan

Having a COVID-19 contingency plan that outlines the steps you and your company will take to prepare for, and respond to, a confirmed COVID-19 case in your workplace.

That Plan Should Clearly Identify Your “Who’s”

  • Who is Responsible for Coordinating the Response?
  • Who Will Handle the Employee Communications?
  • Who Will Decontaminate the Facility?

The time to decide how to respond appropriately to a confirmed COVID-19 workplace event is BEFORE it happens, so that if it does, the Who’s are known, identified and ready to go into action.

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2. Know What it takes to Kill COVID-19

A confirmed COVID-19 case in your facility is a big deal. You need to implement an appropriate disinfection response to kill the virus and give your employees with the peace of mind to know that they can safely return to work. You can’t afford not knowing what disinfection and deep cleaning really means.

Here’s what COVID-19 Disinfection means: CDC Guidance indicates the need for a 2-Step Process to effectively eliminate COVID-19 from your workplace.

Step 1 is Cleaning

This step only removes dirt and impurities.

It does not kill the Coronavirus but helps make Step 2 optimally effective.

Step 2 is Disinfecting

Disinfecting works by using chemicals, for example EPA-Registered Disinfectants, to quickly kill Coronavirus germs on hard and soft surfaces.

Done correctly, this 2-Step Process, applied by properly protected and trained personnel, is the best practice for killing the virus in your facility and returning peace of mind to your work force.

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3. Get What You Pay For

There are many kinds of companies offering COVID-19 decontamination and disinfection services, including Industrial Waste, Janitorial and Disaster Recovery firms.

Because you now know what kind of cleaning it takes to kill COVID-19, make sure that the firm you choose to be your contingency plan partner (your ‘Who’) provides you with the following information:

  • A detailed description of the decontamination & disinfection process that will for followed
  • Records demonstrating that their employees are properly certified and trained to do the work the right way
  • Evidence that the chemicals to be used are EPA Registered Disinfectants
  • Safety Data Sheets [SDS] for each chemical to be used

4. Demand the Proof

You’ve established your point person, the one who’s responsible for messaging and communicating with your whole team and they have a tough job, particularly following a confirmed COVID-19 case in your facility.

Now that you’ve done the responsible thing and had your facility professionally and properly disinfected, you’ll want to do more than just tell your employees about it, you’ll want to show them proof.

Your disinfection partner should provide you with a COVID-19 Disinfection Certificate* as proof that this crucial service has been properly provided.

Here’s What a Disinfection Certificate Looks Like

Think of this certificate as a valuable third-party validation. It effectively supports your own messaging and communication, and it will help give your employees the peace of mind to know that they can safely return to work.

*Keep in mind that the certificate will be limited to the service that was completed at a particular time, and will not provide a future guarantee (for example, another person with COVID-19 could re-infect your facility at any time).

5. Pay the Right Price

Like most things in life, you should pay what it costs to have the work done properly.

And no more.

COVID-19 decontamination and disinfection pricing can vary widely, even in the same marketplaces. Many firms charge a price per square foot, which can add up quickly, especially with larger office & manufacturing facilities, while others charge a fixed, lump sum.

Most of the costs incurred by all COVID-19 decontamination and decontamination service provider is related to the training, compensation, and mobilization of its technicians. Once on site, experienced technician teams can operate very efficiently, especially in larger facility spaces.

If you have a large facility, for example larger than 20k sf, be cautious about square footage-based pricing. Just because you have a large facility doesn’t mean that you should pay a large premium for COVID-19 Decontamination & Disinfection Services.

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